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December 2020 winners of “Showroom of the Month”

car dealers and showrooms in the UAE

This month marks the launch of our new “Showroom of the Month” program. Every month, we will recognize a number of car dealers and showrooms in the UAE for their performance on dubizzle, professionalism and dedication to quality. 

And now, we’re pleased to announce the winners for the month of December 2020:

  • Alba Cars
  • Sayid Khamis
  • Emirates Motor Company
  • The One Motors

About Alba Cars

Opening their doors in 2015, Alba Cars has solidified its reputation as a used car dealer in Dubai. Their stock includes pre-owned vehicles ranging from mid-to-high range luxury vehicles at affordable price. In early 2020, Alba Cars were awarded the prestigious title of ‘Best Used Car Dealership’ at the MEA Business Awards 2020. 

Expert inspectors thoroughly test all cars sold via Alba Cars to ensure the buyer is getting what they are paying for. Alba Cars offers a wide range of incentives, including a two-year warranty, finance facilities, service contracts, home services, and export advice. 

Their flagship branch is located on Al Asayel Street in Al Qouz 1 and stretches across three showrooms.  Alba Cars have big plans for the future with plans to expand into other Emirates and overseas markets.

“The fact our hard work and achievements have been recognized by such a big market player like dubizzle is not only an honor; but a huge incentive for us to go forward and reach greater heights. This award reinforces our loyalty to dubizzle for many years to come.

During the pandemic, many businesses have suffered directly or indirectly. Numerous clients have lost their job security and are afraid of buying anything new. Although this had a tremendous impact on the new car market, used cars seem to have benefited. Buyers are making more economical decisions to buy used rather than new, which holds a higher risk due to the lack of savings gained when buying pre-owned.” Talib Alrubai, Owner of Alba Cars.

Browse through the Alba Cars inventory on dubizzle and enjoy the high-quality photos and detailed descriptions. 

About Al Sayed Khamis

For over 24 years, Al Sayed Khamis has been selling quality used cars and has built a reputation as a staple in the highly competitive Sharjah market. 

With a high demand for used cars in Sharjah, Al Sayed Khamis have two dealerships located in Souq Al Haraj, Sharjah. Their first showroom was first opened in the bustling Abu Shagara area in Sharjah. 

Their inventory includes over 250 vehicles ranging in model years from 2015 to 2020 with both new and used cars being readily available. Instead of focusing on one type of vehicle, Al Sayed Khamis offers something for everyone including economic sedan’s, SUV’s, and buses from prolific brands including Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Honda, Chevrolet and others. 

Al Sayed Khamis caters to both the local and export market. For UAE car buyers, they offer warranty on select vehicles, bank financing assistance, insurance assist, obtaining number plates, and even give gifts when purchasing. Export customers benefit from shipping and customs arrangments with door to door delivery across the world.

“Post your ads, work hard, you’ll succeed and get results on dubizzle.”  Elsayed Abdelmoeti, owner of Al Sayed Khamis. “In the beginning, we were doing well with export and we started with a small package and upgraded shortly after. dubizzle is helping many UAE clients, in parallel with export clients, dubizzle supported us to expand and have more branches, improved and increased our sales. He added. “We recommend dubizzle because it helps a lot, working more on dubizzle giving more clients and helps to improve and sell more.” 

You can find all listings by Al Sayed Khamis on dubizzle with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions. 

About Emirates Motor Company
(Mercedes Benz – Abu Dhabi)

As part of the prestigious Al Fahim Group, Emirates Motor Company is the authorized distributor for Mercedes-Benz in the UAE capital. Operating since 1962, they are one of the most prolific car dealers and showrooms in the UAE. Exclusively selling Mercedes throughout the years, they have built a strong reputation with premium clients, including dignitaries and the UAE government.

Currently, Emirates Motor Company operates in three locations; Airport Road, Deerfields Mall and Marina Mall.

Serving as Abu Dhabi’s premier Mercedes-Benz dealer, their stock includes the latest Mercedes-Benz cars including the iconic G-Wagen, the mighty AMG GT, and soon all-new S-Class.

Emirates Motor Company provides all buyers with financing assistance, service packages, trade-in facility, window tinting and paint protection. All new cars purchased come with a 5-year warranty. 

If you’re in the market, check out all of the certified pre-owned Mercedes cars by Emirates Motor Company.

About the One Motors

car dealers and showrooms in the UAE

The One Motors has been at the heart of the Abu Dhabi car market for the past 12 years. It has built strong relationships with car buyers and sellers across the Emirates. 

Currently, they operate one showroom in Motor World Abu Dhabi and have plans to open another showroom in Dubai. 

Their stock currently consists of newer cars from 2017 and upwards and cater to those looking for mid-to-high-end luxury cars. With a premium selection on offer, customers can view Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover, and Rolls Royce cars. The UAE’s favourites are available too including the Land Cruiser and Patrol. 

All their vehicles are available for the UAE market and export. UAE customers can enjoy bank assistance, insurance quotes, and warranty on select vehicles. Customers looking to export cars from The One Motors can arrange to ship to any country. 

“dubizzle helped us a lot in order to improve and increase our sales.” Amin, Showroom Manager, The One Motors. “We recommend dubizzle because it helps a lot. We are working with multiple platforms and websites, but dubizzle is the largest in the Middle East. It helps put our cars in front of more people, helping us sell more cars.”

Check out The One Motors on dubizzle and browse their inventory with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions. 

Benefits of winning “Showroom of the Month”

Congratulations to the winning car dealers and showrooms in the UAE along with their teams for their hard work. We’re excited to see more car showrooms join the winning ranks over the coming months. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and knowledge of the market has enabled them to rise to the top!

All winners will receive a custom trophy to celebrate their achievement, a certificate, and a branding booster package valued at AED 5,000.

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